AFP Snow Mouse with Catnip Infused
Cat chasing a mouse? How cliché! But that's exactly what is going to happen when your cat sees this ..
From S$6.10 S$7.20
AFP Summer Mice
This pair of summer mice will keep your cats on their tails; chasing these mice around the hous..
From S$10.10 S$11.90
AFP Summer Time Tunnel
Summer time is here! With its soft floral design, this play tunnel is fit for the sweetest of h..
From S$39.00 S$45.90
AFP Surf Snakes
Cats are naturally drawn to the crinkle sound and premium catnip of this surf snack. Watching the na..
From S$8.10 S$9.00
AFP Tea Party
Your cat will jump at the chance to get her paws on this tea party. It is filled with catnip and fea..
From S$8.55 S$9.50
AFP Wood & Feather Balls
Include some feather fun with this feather and ball toy. Attach them to a wand and string, or simply..
S$8.40 S$9.90
Aikiou Stimulo Interactive Feeder
Ever wanted your cat to work for his/her food? Now you can! You can hide your kitty kibble in the tu..
S$35.90 S$39.90
Cat Love Play Speedy Mouse Blue
Small mouse toy with wheels. Watch your cat chase around this mouse on steroids! ..
S$6.05 S$7.10
Cat Toy Ball in Mix Colour (3pcs)
3 Multi-coloured balls with bells on the inside. Throw these jingly balls and watch your cats chase ..
S$4.25 S$5.00
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Cat Toys

Like humans, our cats are susceptible to boredom and obesity too. And more than just casual fun, these toys are ideal for promoting your feline’s overall health and well-being through physical exercise and plenty of mental stimulation. There’s no better way to get your felines up and moving about than with this irresistible range of cat toys from CatSmart that is bound to satisfy the inner hunter in every kitty.

Looking for interactive toys to add some additional sparkle to playtime? Browse through our exciting collection of cat toys and get ready to be wowed by what you can find here.