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Akane - Best Cat Food in Singapore

Feline nutrition comes first, then everything else. Akane’s firm conviction in the foremost importance of cats’ nutrition is the cornerstone, which has laid the key foundation of the brand since day one. It understood that there are many ways to love pet felines, but fueling their bodies with nutritious food is the most priceless gift of all. This is because it’s only by eating well, that they can grow well and live well. With this belief in mind, Akane was started, as it wanted to effectively enhance feline nutrition all over the globe.


Today, Akane's extensive investment in cats’ nutrition has borne fruit. After consulting feline nutritional experts, it came up with products that are specially crafted to supercharge your pet cat’s nutrition. Specifically, the brand’s premium made-in-Japan canned food are remarkable because they pair the irresistible goodness of high-quality natural ingredients with thick gravy. These products are also further enriched with key nutrients like dietary fiber, vitamin E and crude protein to optimise your cat’s nutritional intake. As such, the brand offers a masterful mix of nutritiousness and deliciousness that will entice your cat into eating well.


Consequently, this leaves your cat hankering after more of Akane’s nourishing yet tasty food products. In essence, Akane’s nutrient-rich cat food offers felines what they naturally need at all stages of life: it offers a healthy meal that will level up their everyday nutrition. Optimum nutrition is important because it's the medicine of tomorrow. Give your cat the present of prime nutrition, choose Akane




Why Should You Choose Akane

With a proven track record of delighting numerous cats, Akane canned food is the purrfect nutrient-dense choice for your cat. The brand combines the enticing goodness of premium ingredients in thick gravy to leave your furkid always craving for more of these wholesome products


Sanyo canned food is available in 11 flavours:

  • — Chicken Fillet & Tuna in Thick Gravy
  • — Tuna & Baby Sardine in Thick Gravy
  • — Tuna & Crab Stick in Thick Gravy
  • — Tuna & Salmon in Thick Gravy
  • — Tuna & Scallop in Thick Gravy
  • — Tuna Plain in Thick Gravy

These products are meant to be complementary meals. For adult cats (3 to 4 kg), serve 1 can daily in combination with a complete feed.




Key Benefits Of Akane’s Products

  • — Will optimise your cat’s nutrition, helping to keep your feline in tip-top physical form
  • — Easy to chew and easy to digest as meat is chopped very finely, so your cat will be able to absorb vital nutrients effectively
  • — Loved by many finicky cats, so feeding your cat will become an easier task


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