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Tom Cat Pakeway Smart Multi-faceted Pet Backpack White

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If you're looking for a pet backpack that you can take anywhere, the Tom Cat Pakeway Smart Multi-faceted Pet Backpack is the way to go! This backpack has a sophisticated ventilation mechanism that circulates fresh air throughout the bag. This, together with the mesh windows on the sides and vents, will guarantee that your pet gets enough oxygen. The transparent window will even allow your pet to enjoy the scenery while shielding them from the glare of the sun.


Made from environmentally friendly, robust and lightweight materials from Germany, this innovative backpack is easy to carry and will keep your pet dry on a rainy day. The ergonomic design can relieve strain on your cervical and lumbar spine, allowing you to use the backpack for a long period of time.


-High-density sponge, breathable mesh fabric, wider straps, and an EVA-hardened lining board

-A smart ventilation system that circulates air

-Multiple air vents to optimize room ventilation efficiency

-Side pocket to hold a portable charger

-Soft nylon cushion for pets to sleep in, comfortably 

-Transparent window design to satisfy your pet's curiosity

-Footpads to help keep the backpack upright and stable


Dimensions: L370mm x W 267mm x H 456mm

Suitable For Pet Up To 13kg


About Tom Cat

About Tom Cat

Tom Cat has always been known for producing well-designed goods with cats and their owners in mind. Continuous innovation and development have resulted in highly rated products for pet essentials such as functional cat litter boxes, pet fountains, pet grooming tools and more.

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