Nyanta Club

Nyanta Club Aluminium Tunnel

A sturdy aluminium tunnel for furry adventure seekers. Provide a tunnel for play, or just a cool aft..

S$96.40 S$120.50

Nyanta Club Battery-Run Catterpillar

This sensor caterpillar toy can avoid obstacles and changes direction with the sensor, wil..

S$34.50 S$40.60

Nyanta Club Briskly Sound Goldfish

Pique your cat's interest with this sound making goldfish. Your kitty cat is sure to be curious abou..

S$24.10 S$26.80

Nyanta Club Cat Cushion With Cooling Gel

This cat cushion with cooling gel is just by laying with heat absorbing material. Simple e..

S$54.40 S$64.00

Nyanta Club Cat Scratcher With Massage Brush

Nyanta Club Cat Scratcher with Massage Brush has a carpet base for cats that enjoy grasping carpets...

S$40.65 S$50.80

Nyanta Club Cat Shape Aluminium Pan - Mountain Type

This is a pot type cool item that makes cats want to enter. With a large surface area and alumi..

S$142.80 S$168.00

Nyanta Club Cat Shaped Dark Brown Bed

Nyanta Club Cat Shaped pan is a fluffy bed for your cat to warm up in on chilly nights. The non-scra..

S$26.20 S$37.40

Nyanta Club Cat Teaser 3 Mouses

Ever wanted more than one cat toy, but only had to pick one? Now you can have three for the price of..

S$7.10 S$7.90

Nyanta Club Cat Teaser Mouse

A simple cat teaser with a mouse toy on the end. Allow your cat to become the hunter it was born to ..

S$6.10 S$6.80

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