Nyanta Club

Nyanta Club Pot Shaped Rattan Style Bed Pink

The exterior of the bed is made out of handmade plastic rattan that you can handwash with water. has..

S$60.00 S$75.00

Nyanta Club Remote Controlled Mouse

The Marukan mouse remote control toy is a moving mouse that can rotates 360 °. Play with your c..

S$22.80 S$26.80

Nyanta Club Replacement of Scratcher - Room Type

A set of two replacement scratchboards for the Nyanta Club Scratcher Tent. Dimensions: 12 x 45 x ..

S$7.60 S$9.50

Nyanta Club Round Cat Scratcher

A ring-shaped scratcher that curious cats will definitely want to explore. Not only a place for scra..

S$46.60 S$54.80

Nyanta Club Round Mouse Wand Warm Grey

A simple cat teaser with a mouse toy on the end. Allow your cat to become the hunter it ..

S$7.65 S$9.00

Nyanta Club Scratcher Tent

Unlike other scratchers, Nyanta Club Scratcher Tent is enclosed giving more privacy to your kitty. B..

S$23.90 S$29.90

Nyanta Club Scratcher Tray Cat Shape Hemp

Using natural linen, Nyanta Club Scratcher Tray is durable and features a deep tray which reduces du..

S$17.20 S$21.50

Nyanta Club Scratcher Tray Cat Shape Pink

Give your cats a comfortable place to lay in. Cats leave their scent behind when they scratch. T..

S$16.80 S$21.00

Nyanta Club Scratcher Tray Rectangular Brown

Nyanta Club Scratcher Tray can be both a scratcher and a nap area. Catnip included. Dimensions: L..

S$16.80 S$21.00

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