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Prevention By Nutrition - Healthy Cat Food in Singapore

Nutritious cat food really makes a difference in the prevention of feline diseases. As such, you should choose Brit Care’s cat food because it will help to keep your cat in peak physical condition. 


 Fret not, NO colourants, NO preservatives, NO genetically modified organisms (GMO), and NO soy are present because your furry friend deserves only the very best. Brit Care’s foods have plenty of fresh meats which undergo minimal food processing, retaining their natural nutritional goodness (fatty acids, vitamins and minerals). The brand’s cat foods are hypoallergenic as well as grain-free to keep pet allergic reactions at bay.


Brit Care’s food is certified according to the ISO9001 and HACCP quality standards. This certification shows its proven track record in food production excellence.

Brit Care Cat Dry Food
dry food

Brit Care’s complete dry food series has products that are formulated specially for both adult cats and kittens.

Each flavour specialises in providing one of the following health benefits: promoting stress reduction, maintaining a healthy coat, fostering healthy digestion and improving urinary health. Hence, you will probably find Brit Care dry food products that are tailored for your pet’s specific health condition!

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Brit Care Cat Fillet Pouch

This superpremium complete wet food series is the real deal as it contains 85% meat in fillets. It is a complete meal with at least 2 servings of meat and 2 servings of vegetables. Enriched with sea buckthorn and nasturtium (medicinal plants), these grain-free food pouches reduce your cat’s risk of urinary tract diseases, helping it to feel its best. They’re especially suitable for picky cats.

The series is made from the following ingredients:  turkey, shrimps, tuna, salmon, duck, trout, cod, chicken, & cheese.

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Brit Care Cat Snacks
dry food

Wow your precious pet with these mouthwatering, semi-moist snacks. They are all grain-free to reduce your cat’s risk of allergy attacks.

Each recipe focuses on providing a specialised health benefit for cats. The product series covers a wide range of health benefits: it will aid digestion, calm cats, promote dental wellbeing and urinary health.

This semi-moist grain-free snack is soft and is thus especially pawsome for adult cats, kittens and even old cats, who may have difficulty eating crunchy treats.

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Brit Care Cat Canned Food
dry food

Let your cat experience love at first bite!

Fussy pets adore variety in their diet. Thus, mouthwatering snacks that add variety to their meals will please them.

Brit Care's complementary cat food recipes contain delicate, juicy fillets that will delight your finicky feline's taste buds. This healthy wet food series has deliciously balanced recipes which cats love. Rest assured, because the wet food is hypoallergenic, even cats with allergies can consume it safely.

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Brit Care Cat Superfruits

Let your beloved kitty savour the goodness of fruity delights!

Brit Care’s crunchy, grain-free superfood snack series is made of superfruits and other wholesome ingredients, thus providing balanced nutrition to felines.

The nourishing snack, which contains EU-approved antioxidants, leverages the healing powers of antioxidant-rich superfruits that repair your cat’s body from within and boost its immune system.

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Brit Cat Meat Sticks

Make your cat happy with these delicious, gluten-free meat chew sticks. This purrfect package includes 3 meat sticks that are separately wrapped, preserving the snacks’ flavour, softness, and freshness.

The probiotic Brewer's yeast is included to support feline digestion.

Essential vitamins and taurine are added to aid cats’ vision, heart muscle function, and immune system. 

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Brit Care Cat Pastes

Inject excitement into your cat’s mealtimes by serving Brit Care’s  flavoursome cat pastes alongside your cat’s complete food. Spice up your cat’s meals with this nutritious plus mouthwatering series of cat pastes.  

The series covers the following health benefits: alleviates hairball discomfort, boosts digestion, offers multivitamins and salmon protein.

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Brit Care: Prevention By Nutrition

Health is the result of investing in nutrition

In line with physician Hippocrates' quote "let food be thy medicine", Brit Care strongly believes in the central role that proper nutrition plays in the prevention of feline diseases. The brand advocates that excellent health is the result of investing in good nutrition. Thus, nourishing pet food does wonders in reducing your furry friend’s risk of contracting diseases.
Simply put, pet nutrition is an uplifting force that empowers your pet to make the best of its everyday life by helping it to win its battle against the evils of illness. With fervent faith in the importance of pet nutrition, Brit Care was born in 1994 to do its part in promoting animal health.

Made up of fresh meat

After extensive nutritional research, the family-owned premium pet food producer from the Czech Republic, soon developed an amazing array of nourishing pet food made up of first-rate, natural ingredients such as fresh meat (e.g. deboned chicken or salmon). Because Brit Care’s foods are loaded with fresh meat instead of highly processed meat, this leads to the maximum retention of natural nutritional goodness (fatty acids, vitamins and minerals).

Hypoallergenic and grain-free

Importantly, these products are devoid of all potentially harmful ingredients because Brit Care cares deeply for pet wellbeing. To be precise, Brit Care’s foods are hypoallergenic and grain-free to minimise the risk of allergic reactions for your pet. In a similar vein, rest assured, no colourants, preservatives, genetically modified organisms (GMO), or soy are included because your precious pet deserves only the very finest.
Today, Brit Care has come a long way, becoming a recognised brand among pawrents worldwide. The Czech pet brand now exports its food globally to almost 70 countries throughout 4 continents.

Championing animal rights

Of course, as Brit Care is a strong advocate of animal rights, it is strictly against any cruelty towards animals. That is why it opts for more humane ways of testing products instead of conducting tests on laboratory animals. Therefore, all its products are cruelty-free.
Not only has Brit Care left its mark in the area of pet nutrition, but the brand has also been giving back to society. Consider how it has been supporting non-profit organisations) that aid the less-privileged.

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