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Plouffe Bubble Pop 2 in1 Pet Feeder Light Blue Gray

  • Brand: Plouffe
  • Product Code: CS2017000034
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Tags: Food & Water Dispenser / Container / Covers, Plouffe, Accessories


Comes with a food bowl and a self-dispensing water bowl. Water dispenser is designed like a fishbowl to allow for easy water level monitoring. With it’s 1.8litre capacity, pet owners can have a piece of mind knowing there is adequate fresh drinking water for your cat while you are out.

Food bowl and water bowl can be used separately or adjusted to fit horizontally instead of L shape. With its moisture-proof nozzle partition, you can bid goodbye to messy drinkers as it prevents your pet’s mouth from getting wet.

The water dispenser is designed user-friendly to ensure that water does not flow out during the refilling of water in the dispenser.

  • Capacity: 1.8L
  • Non-toxic and chemical-free
  • Moisture-proof nozzle partition
  • Design ensures that dirt and dust does not enter water
  • Dimensions: L 47cm x H 23cm x 7.5cm


About Bubble Pop

About Bubble Pop

Delight your little ones with the ultra-unique Bubble Pop Drinking System. This gravity-flow waterer comes with a funky sphere-shaped top that can hold up to 2.8L of water. Bubble Pop is a special drinking system that will supply your dogs with filtered water, allowing them to drink in a natural pose and not worry about the typical water bottle's leaking or broken edge.

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