PetKit Pura Cat Litter Box

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Petkit Pura Cat Litter Box is an auto-deodorising litter box with a built-in odor eliminator that uses infrared thermal induction technology to reduce unpleasant smells from urine and stool. The open-concept litter box comes with a walk-off platform that prevents litter tracking, and this can be swiveled to the other side when you're scooping out the litter box. Easy to clean and disassemble – what else can you ask for?

  • Suitable for cats of all life stages
  • Made from high impact polystyrene
  • Battery-operated: 3 x AAA batteries
  • Comes with built-in odor eliminator
  • Walk-off platform reduces tracking
  • Enables easy clean-ups with ergonomic design
  • Litter scoop included
  • Dimensions: L507 x W374 x H350 mm
  • Weight: 2.75 kg


About PetKit

About PetKit

PETKIT is a high-tech company dedicated to creating all sorts of high-end smart innovative products for dogs and cats and to bring convenience to pet owners. PetKit specializes in connected products such as Wifi-enabled Smart Cat and Dog Feeders, Backpack Pet Carrier Smart Cat Fountains for cats and more. Their goals have remained unchanged from day one - which is to simplify pet ownership around the world and to help encourage a healthier lifestyle for your pets that may help improve longevity as a result.

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