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CattyMan Baby Mouse 5's

5 little baby mice in white and grey. Want to give your cats something to chase? Why not these baby ..

S$6.20 S$6.90

CattyMan Bream Slice 25g

CattyMan Bream Slice is a bream and codfish based snack, with a taste your cat cannot resist! Ing..

S$5.50 S$6.50

Cattyman Caddice Ball Mix

Cattyman’s Caddice Ball Mix is a ball toy shaped like a twine ball, with a total length on..

S$4.00 S$5.00

Cattyman Caddice Ball Orange

Cattyman’s Caddice Ball Orange is a ball toy shaped like a twine ball, with a total length..

S$4.00 S$5.00

CattyMan Cat Rod Toy Ball & Tail

Cattyman Cat Rod Toy Ball & Tail comes with a bushy ball toy as well as a feathered tail. P..

S$5.00 S$5.90

CattyMan Cat Rod Toy Long Tail Mouse

Cattyman Cat Rod Toy has a Mouse toy at the end. The mouse has a bushy tail, which is sure to catch ..

S$3.75 S$4.40

CattyMan Cat Rod Toy Plush Ball

Cattyman Cat Rod Toy comes with a plush ball that is extremely soft! Wave this soft and fuzzy ball t..

S$3.75 S$4.40

Cattyman Cat Teaser Playful Wool

Cattyman Cat Teaser with a woolly toy to tease your cat! Features: The length of the rod is..

S$4.80 S$5.70

CattyMan Chef Bowl

Your cat can now be your little chef! This cute little food bowl looks exactly like a mini casserole..

S$9.30 S$10.90

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