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People say that the world would be a much better place if everyone could love others as unconditionally as pets. This is because, often, pets are the only creatures on earth that love others more than they love themselves. As such, these furry companions make the lives of numerous owners much better with their loving companionship. They make the journey of life more enjoyable with their affectionate presence, which is why owners like you want to reciprocate by providing the best for them. Finesse too, shares the same mission with you because it deeply cherishes the human-pet cat bond.

Therefore, Finesse decided to channel its great love for cats into the productive cause of advancing feline nutrition. With that, the brand passionately started its business quest to make available nutritious feline food which is made with love. That is, to manufacture carefully-prepared cat food using the finest ingredients, with the loving intention of optimising feline nutrition.

Adopting a feline-first approach, cats' nutritional needs take centre stage in all of Finesse’s decisions. That’s why the brand has been collaborating closely with feline nutritional experts to craft products that best meet cats’ specific dietary needs. For example, Finesse taps into its nutritional expertise to handpick a blend of natural ingredients which boosts your feline’s digestion and maintains your cat’s lustrous fur coat. The result is the creation of nourishing yet appetising cat food that will make your feline dash to its food dish.

Put simply, Finesse’s nutrient-rich food is made with the finest natural ingredients and vitamins to give your cat the essential micronutrients required for optimal nutrition. The visionary brand also looks forward to pursuing exciting feline nutritional breakthroughs, which do wonders for cats’ physical health.

Let your feline savour the real taste of love, choose Finesse.

Finesse - Best Wet Cat Food in Singapore

Cats Deserve to be Fed with The Real Taste of Love

Finesse Wet Food

This Grain-free Wet Cat Food contains carefully selected natural ingredients (e.g. tuna, anchovies, pumpkin, chicken and salmon flakes and vitamin E). These nutrient-loaded ingredients foster healthy growth for cats of all ages.

Moreover, the high moisture content minimises the number of hairballs that your feline coughs up. As a result, it will alleviate your cat’s hair-ball related discomfort. Plus, you can spend less time cleaning up hairballs.
Key Benefits
  • • Beneficial for weight loss, as high protein and low carbohydrate content will enhance satiety
  • • Encourages higher water intake, as it has a maximum moisture content of 86%, preventing the formation of crystals in bladder
  • • Optimises your feline's nutrient intake, as it's easy to digest for cats with a sensitive stomach

Finesse Plus Wet Food

Finesse Plus Wet Food is made of different fruits (e.g apple, cranberry, papaya, mango) and vegetables (carrot, sweet potato) that meet the unique health demands of cats of all ages.

This wet food is ideal for cats since it is low in crude fat and high in easily- digestible proteins. In addition, healthy refreshing spring water, Vitamin E, and taurine are included. These components also lower your cat’s risk of getting urinary system disorders and chronic kidney disease.
Key Benefits
  • • Keeps your cat’s health well-balanced, due to the healthy spring water formula which contains natural vitamins and minerals
  • • Promotes healthy vision because vitamin E is included
  • • Boosts immune system due to the inclusion of amino acid taurine

Finesse Dry Food

The latest addition to the Finesse series, Finesse Dry Food has a variety of protein flavours (e.g seafood, chicken).

The kibbles have been specially formulated to aid the decrease of hairballs and the maintenance of a healthy weight. Furthermore, the composition contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which improve your pet’s skin and coat. Key vitamins, minerals, and taurine, which are nourishing, are also included.
Key Benefits
  • • Builds strong bones and teeth as kibbles are calcium-rich
  • • Enhances digestive health due to the inclusion of natural fibres
  • • Supports healthy skin and a shiny coat because of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids

Finesse Licko Creamy Treats

Finesse Licko treats are expertly formulated liquid treats that help replenish fluid loss in your cat's body.

Crafted with a delightful array of natural ingredients, each meticulously selected to offer maximum nutrition. Available in either a smooth chicken or tuna blend, boasting 12 tantalizing flavours.
Key Benefits
  • • Grain-Free
  • • 100% Natural
  • • Keeps your cat hydrated and happy
  • • Free from artificial colours or preservatives
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