Finesse prioritises the needs of cats and strives to produce nutritional foods that they enjoy. Finesse's dietary philosophy is to produce cat food that offers high-quality animal protein that is vital for feline's health.

Finesse understands the importance of cat nutrition and how proper nutrition can help a cat live a longer and healthier life. This is why Finesse strives to put our cats' needs first in all of their decisions. All high-quality Finesse products are built on a foundation of understanding of cats' needs.

A carefully chosen mix of ingredients and nutrients is what boosts healthy digestion and lustrous skin and coat. With this in mind, feline experts created Finesse using extensive understanding of cats and their specific nutritional needs. Finesse ingredients are not only palatable but also give the most nutritional benefits to cats.

Finesse is made with specially selected natural ingredients and vitamins to provide our cats of all ages and stages of life with the essential micronutrients required for healthy growth. Finesse aims to continue to push boundaries and develop new ingredient lists to help keep our feline companions in the best shape possible.

Finesse envisages expanding its product range with added quality products to fulfil the demands and enrich the lives of all feline companions and their owners, as well as being the go-to-brand for cat food in Singapore.


Cats Deserve to be Fed with The Real Taste of Love
Finesse Wet Food
Ideal for all cat breeds, this Grain-free Wet Cat Food is formulated by feline experts with carefully selected natural ingredients such as tuna, anchovies, pumpkin, chicken and salmon flakes and vitamin E to provide your cats, of all ages in every stage of life with the nutritional values required for healthy growth. The high moisture content in it, too, decreases the hairballs of your feline.
Key Benefits
  • - Maintains a healthy weight
  • - Encourage higher water intakes
  • - Easy to digest for cats with sensitive stomach
Finesse Plus Wet Food
This wet food is made with different fruits targeted to cater to the unique health concerns and demands of our cats of all ages. Finesse Plus Wet Food is ideal for cats since it is low in crude fat and high in easily digestible proteins. In addition, healthy refreshing spring water, Vitamin E, and taurine are included to help keep water moving through your cat's system and remove mineral deposits to avoid urinary system disorders and chronic kidney disease.
Key Benefits
  • - Healthy Vision And Growth
  • - Digestive Care
  • - Urinary Care
  • - Hairball Control
  • - Immunity Booster
Finesse Dry Food
The latest creation and addition to the Finesse range, This dry food has been specially formulated to help in the decrease of hairballs and the maintenance of a healthy weight. Its simple composition contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which promote good skin and coat, as well as vital vitamins, minerals, and taurine, which enhance general health and well-being.
Key Benefits
  • - Vitamins are included to help control blood calcium levels, resulting in strong bones and teeth.
  • - Natural fibre for a healthy digestive system
  • - Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat.
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