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Francodex: Your Cat’s Personal Health Specialist
Laboratoire Francodex has been actively pursuing its dream of providing clinically proven products that boost pets’ health since 1985. And this foremost priority of maximising animals’ quality of life has been Francodex’s guiding light since the company’s birth.
With this animal wellness mission firmly entrenched into its psyche, Francodex kickstarted its journey in 1985, with its first business headquartered in France. The brand soon embarked on its research and development voyage, chasing its dream to craft perfect pet wellness products which are effective, practical, and innovative. It began to collaborate closely with experienced veterinarians to create useful goods for all pet families. Indeed, the company’s strong commitment to product excellence has paid off.
Now, Francodex manufactures a comprehensive catalogue of distinctive pet products which cater to the nutritional, dental, ear care, grooming and anti-stress needs of your feline friend. These expertly-created items have been proven to optimise your cat’s health.
Francodex’s pet wellness products are distributed exclusively in specialised stores such as CatSmart. Pawrents, buy your cat the gift of health by choosing these veterinarian-designed products. After all, just like you, your beloved companion deserves the very best.

Francodex Anti-Stress Diffuser
Keep the stress away
Is your cat stressed out? Did you know that cats are sensitive creatures that do not react well to even the slightest change in their environment? Because of that, they get stressed easily. To help cats cope better with stress, Francodex has developed the following easy-to-install diffuser products.
  • • Francodex Anti-Stress 6 Week Diffuser 48ml
  • • Francodex Anti-Stress 6 Week Refill For Diffuser 48ml
Cats naturally produce soothing pheromones, which allow them to calm themselves in various situations. The Francodex Anti-Stress Diffuser contains synthetic versions of these pheromones, creating an environment where your cat will feel safe. This purrfect product is a must-have if your cat is facing ongoing stressors (e.g. the arrival of a new pet, the birth of a child and exposure to loud noises).
The stress-relieving diffuser is effective for up to 6 weeks. Afterwhich, you need to replace a refill bottle of diffuser.
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Francodex Cleansing Solution
Grooming essentials
When it comes to cat grooming, cats are more skillful than you! But this does not mean that you should just leave them to their own devices. You still need to step in to lend a helping hand when it comes to hard-to-reach areas like the ears (and eyes) of your cat.
Thankfully, Francodex has come up with an effective solution: It is ear care product series.
  • • Francodex Ear Care Cleansing Lotion For Kittens 60ml
  • • Francodex Ear Care Cleansing Lotion 125ml
Often neglected in your cat’s grooming process, feline furry ears can unfortunately accumulate lots of wax if left unattended! With Francodex Ear Cleansing Paraben-free Lotion, you can easily eliminate excess wax, dirt, and dust from your cat’s ears.
When used regularly, the lotion contributes to your cat’s optimal ear hygiene, significantly reducing its risk of getting ear infections.
*Available in both adult cat and kitten formula.
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Francodex Fresh Dent 2in1
Take charge of your cat’s dental health
Cheers to your cat’s fresher breath and healthier smile!
Effectively enhance your favourite feline’s oral health hassle-free with this useful product. Dental conditions are more common in senior cats. They might lead to other more serious health issues (e.g. gingivitis, periodontal, and tooth resorption).
Fortunately, Francodex offers a practical way to keep your cat’s dental health in check! Formulated with pomegranate extracts, Francodex fresh dent is a water additive which offers anti-plaque and anti-tartar action while maintaining fresh breath! Simply add the recommended amount to your cat’s drinking bowl/fountain.
*Comes in two sizes (250ml and 500ml).


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