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GimCat: creating magical moments between cats and humans

GimCat’s mission revolves around 3 words: cats, passion & care. It believes that the human-cat bond is truly lovely. This is because the companionship owners receive from their feline friends lets them live life to the fullest.

With this in mind, pharmacist Heinrich von Gimborn kickstarted GimCat in 1965 to create magical moments between pets and humans. The German brand began its journey by creating the first lactose-reduced milk for rearing kittens at its factory in Emmerich am Rhein in the Lower Rhine region right on the Dutch border.


Meow-velous products that delight kitties

For over 55 years, GimCat has been leveraging its accumulated knowledge of all things ‘cat’ to manufacture meow-velous products that delight kitties. The cat treats specialist proudly produces wholesome supplementary pet food that is precisely tailored to cats’ nutritional needs and health.


Nutritious and delicious snacks

Made with love, not only are GimCat’s snacks nutritious, but they are also mouth-watering delicacies that can strengthen the bond that you have with your feline friend. In fact, GimCat’s employees often pay more attention to what their pets eat than what they eat. That’s how GimCat puts the magic into those moments

Today, GimCat has certainly left a legacy in the pet industry. The German market leader’s products are sold worldwide in more than 40 countries. Its incredible ISO-certified products provide superior quality you can trust.

Choose GimCat for a fur-tastic experience!



Why GimCat?

Well-established: The authoritative German brand has over 55 years of pet-industry expertise. So, you can be sure that it provides superior quality that you can trust.  

Quality assurance: ISO-certified products that your kitty will adore. Regular laboratory analyses, acceptance tests and a close working relationship with scientists guarantee that GimCat’s products are state of the art.

Eco-friendly: Award-winning commitment to sustainability. For its outstanding environmentally-friendly efforts, Gimborn received the German Award for Excellence in 2018.




GimCat Wet Food

ShinyCat Filet In Gravy

ShinyCat Superfood In Gravy 


ShinyCat In Jelly 


GimCat Treats

Nutri Pocket Creamy Treat

Crunchy Snack

Fresh Grass Snack



 GimCat Toys

Dream Catcher

Soft Rattle Ball

Teaser With Bell



 GimCat Supplements

Derma Paste

Relax Paste

Anti-Hairball Paste