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Kelly & Co’s: Freeze Dried Cat Food in Singapore

Kelly And Companion’s lengthy history in the pet food industry all began with Kelly, the furry friend of the brand’s founder. After being fed a raw, meat-based diet, Kelly had a smoother, shinier coat, leaner muscles, more robust body development, and better dental health. 

This was when insight struck and the brand’s founder had a eureka moment. Witnessing the life-changing health benefits of raw food inspired Kelly & Co’s founder to create a pet brand specialising in freeze-dried raw foods. As a result, Kelly & Co’s was born to distribute raw nutrition to animal companions.


Real, minimally processed food

Kelly & Co’s philosophy is simple “Let's keep things straightforward and stick to what's natural”. Hence, the brand has been doing much to meet pets' need for real food. Let Kelly & Co’s follow nature's lead by providing wholesome food products that are minimally processed.

Thus, all its recipes contain the freshest, human-grade ingredients with nothing artificial— e.g. NO added hormones and antibiotics, NO fillers, and NO chemical preservatives. They retain 100% of their original nutritional values. Hence, Kelly & Co’s raw food helps you to supercharge your beloved furbaby’s nutrition so that it can thrive.


Discover the nutritional power of raw

Moving forward, Kelly & Co’s will continue collaborating with vets and farmers to produce the most nutritious as well as delicious pet food. Choose Kelly & Co’s; discover the nutritional power of raw.
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Why Kelly & Co’s?

  • - Delivers freshness: freeze-drying process locks in whole foods’ aroma, texture & flavour
  • - Safe: dangerous germs are eliminated while preserving ingredients’ nutritional goodness
  • - Premium ingredients: only the freshest, human-grade ingredients are used
  • - Sustainably-sourced: all animal proteins are grass-fed, cage-free, wild-caught, or farm-raised


Kelly & Co’s

Add nutrition, taste, and the power of raw to your cat’s diet

Kelly & Co's
Freezed-Dried Patty Meals

Made from a single protein source. It contains meat, organs, bones, and fruits and vegetables that are 100% certified organic — offering the benefits of raw, fresh food and ensuring the highest nutritional quality.  


  • - 100% natural ingredients
  • - Complete and balanced nutrition
  • - Free from grain, gluten, corn, soy, and potatoes
  • - Enhanced with probiotics to support good digestion


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Kelly & Co's
Freezed-Dried Raw Dinner

Kelly & Co's Freeze-Dried Formulas are made with the freshest, human-grade ingredients. This freeze-dried raw meal provides complete and balanced nutrients for cats.  


  • - Comes with certified organic fruits and vegetables
  • - Grain and gluten-free to reduce the risk of allergies
  • - Natural with added vitamins and minerals


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Kelly & Co's
Freezed-Dried Raw Treats

Pamper your feline friend with Kelly & Co’s single-protein raw treats! They are the ultimate reward for cats of all life stages, including those with special nutritional needs.  


  • - Made 100% of meat which is completely free from artificial ingredients. 
  • - 100% pure and rich in nutrients (e.g. high in protein & low calories)


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