Committed to enhancing the lives of pets and all pet lovers; Whiskers2Tail's philosophy is to use sustainable materials and strive to provide high-quality pet supplies that are safe and ecologically friendly. The reason? So that consumers may decrease their carbon footprint and contribute to a better world.

Whether it's keeping a finicky feline's paws clean and dust-free, or preventing dry skin and removing the fur of allergens to maintain healthy fur coats, Whiskers2Tail is the choice.

Crafted from the love for pets, Whiskers2Tail products are devoid of harmful chemical additives, artificial fragrances, strip-mined clay; and are formulated with beneficial ingredients for our pets that will keep them feeling their best, every single day.

Whiskers2Tail cat litters are low in dust, so it won't create the respiratory issues that clay and silica litter can cause. It's also allergy-friendly for cats or cat owners with typical grain allergies because it is made without ingredients such as corn, soy, or wheat.

Every day, Whiskers2Tail works to help pets live their best life possible.

The Whiskers2Tail team is constantly inventing and enhancing the quality of their products in order to fulfil and cater to the needs of our felines and their owners, as well as shaping the future of pet care.
Whiskers2Tail Paper Litter
Whiskers2Tail Paper Litter
This premium clumping paper cat litter is eco-friendly and weighs three times less than traditional clay litters since it is made of extremely lightweight recycled paper! It even has an ultra-low-tracking formula that takes the tedium out of daily clean-ups. When the Whiskers2Tail paper pellets come into contact with liquids, they create clumps that can be securely flushed down the toilet and efficiently neutralise unwanted odours - thanks to their anti-bacterial characteristics and great odour control.
Whiskers2Tail Pine Wood Litter
Whiskers2Tail Pine Wood Litter
This all-natural pine wood litter contains charcoal and pine wood to neutralise harsh odours on contact, leaving you with the natural fragrance of fresh pine and an easy clean-up experience. These biodegradable charcoal pine pellets seal away undesirable odours three times better than standard pine wood cat litter, ensuring that your house never smells of kitty mess. As they were created to be environmentally friendly, the clumps can still be utilised as organic plant fertiliser.
Whiskers2Tail Tofu Litter
Whiskers2Tail Tofu Litter
A smooth clean-up for you and a comfortable litter experience for your cats. Whiskers2Tail Tofu Cat Litter is an all-natural and biodegradable litter that features soft and smaller pellets that produce more compact clumps. This is due to the collective absorbency of individual pellets which ensures greater strength in numbers. Plus, with superior odor control and non-tracking pellets, cleaning efforts are significantly reduced!

Whiskers2Tail Pet Wipes
With this pet wipe, you can keep your pets' fur smelling fresh and healthy! These wipes contain aloe vera, Vitamin E, olive oil, and jojoba seed oil, which provide deodorising and antimicrobial properties. The all-natural ingredients work together to cleanse, freshen, and nourish the coat while providing a healthy shine. This pet wipe is even gentle enough to use on your pet's eyes, ears, and face. They are also hypoallergenic, so even pets with sensitive skin may enjoy them.

Key Features:
  • - Promote healthy fur coats
  • - Cats and dogs benefit from aloe vera, Vitamin E, olive oil, and jojoba seed oil
  • - Prevent dry skin
  • - Cleans the fur by eliminating dirt and allergens
  • - Suitable for daily use

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