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Whiskers2Tail - Best Tofu Cat Litter in Singapore

Cats: fastidiously clean creatures

Cats are fastidiously clean animals. That’s why these felines spend a staggering amount of their waking time cleaning themselves. Naturally, their bathroom experience in cat litter boxes matters a lot to them, heavily affecting their quality of life. Being acutely aware of cats’ hygienic predisposition, Whisker2Tail’s founder resolved to come up with a superior litter box experience for them.
Levelling up pets’ hygiene with love

Whiskers2Tail was born to take pets’ hygiene to the next level, because it believes that cleanliness is an expression of love and regard for all lives around us. With this in mind, the brand has strived relentlessly to make a positive impact on the pet supplies industry by steadfastly following two key pillars of product quality: safety and eco-friendliness. Thus, Whisker2Tail uses only risk-free and sustainable materials in its innovative pet products.
Safety is everything

Safety-wise, Whiskers2Tail’s products are devoid of harmful chemical additives, artificial fragrances, and strip-mined clay. Instead, they are formulated with beneficial ingredients for your pet that will keep it feeling its best, every single day. Moreover, the brand’s thoughtfully-designed litters are low in dust, so they won't create the respiratory issues that clay and silica litter can cause. They are also allergy-friendly for cats or cat owners with typical grain allergies because it is made without corn, soy, or wheat. As such, your feline will have a safe and sound experience when using Whisker2Tail’s cat litter.
Heeding nature’s call

On top of that, Whiskers2Tail’s products are exceptional because they heed nature's call. Its eco-friendly cat litter is made from all-natural and biodegradable materials (e.g recycled paper). In fact, pinewood litter can even be used to fertilise your plant and will thus appeal to those with a green thumb. The result? Consumers like you may decrease their carbon footprint, leading to a greener world.
Whisker2Tail: presenting a whole new cat litter experience

Hence, whether it's keeping a finicky feline's paws clean and dust-free, or preventing dry skin and removing the fur of allergens to maintain healthy fur coats, Whiskers2Tail is the best choice. For a game-changing cat litter experience, choose Whiskers2Tail.
Whiskers2Tail Paper Litter

Whiskers2Tail Paper Litter

The premium clumping paper cat litter is eco-friendly because it’s made up of extremely lightweight recycled paper! In addition, unlike standard cat litter, this product is extremely easy to dispose of. When the Whiskers2Tail paper pellets come into contact with liquids, they create clumps that can be securely flushed down the toilet—without damaging your plumbing system.

The Aqua Blue variant makes cleaning your litter box easier since identifying soiled litter becomes simpler. When the white-coloured litter is in contact with pee, it instantly turns blue.

Key Benefits:

  • •Refilling your cat litter box becomes much easier, as litter weighs three times less than traditional clay litters
  • •Quick clumping anti-bacterial litter effectively neutralises unwanted odours, so that you have a more pleasant living environment
Whiskers2Tail Recycled Paper Litter

Whiskers2Tail  100% Recycled Paper Litter

Heed the call of nature! Help make the world a greener place— support recycling! Whiskers2Tail’s product is made fully from pure recycled paper. By choosing this eco-friendly recycled litter product, you are reducing greenhouse gas emissions, lowering air pollution, as well as saving energy and water. This means that you’ll be doing your part to slow down global warming.

Incorporate green living into you and your furry friend’s lifestyle. Choose this all-natural, biodegradable litter with recyclable packaging right now!

Key Benefits:

  • •100% Natural: free from Chemicals and Additives
  • •Sterile: heat treatment process effectively kills most germs and bacteria
  • •Heat twisting treatment effectively creates ultra-absorbent pellets that effectively neutralise odours
Whiskers2Tail Tofu Litter

Whiskers2Tail Tofu Litter

A smooth clean-up for you and a comfortable litter experience for your cats. Whiskers2Tail Tofu Cat Litter is an all-natural and biodegradable litter that features soft and smaller pellets that produce more compact clumps. This is due to the collective absorbency of individual pellets which ensures greater strength in numbers. Plus, with superior odour control and non-tracking pellets, cleaning efforts are significantly reduced.
Key Benefits:
  • • Optimises your cat’s comfort as litter offers three times better absorbent capacity than conventional clay formulas
  • • 99% Dust-free: an ultra low-dust formula that protects the respiratory health of your feline
Whiskers2Tail Pine Wood Litter

Whiskers2Tail Pine Wood Litter

This all-natural pine wood litter contains charcoal and pine wood to neutralise harsh odours on contact, leaving you with the natural fragrance of fresh pine and a pleasant clean-up experience. These biodegradable charcoal pine pellets seal away undesirable odours three times better than standard pinewood cat litter, ensuring that your house never smells of kitty mess.
Key Benefits:
  • • Environmentally friendly because soiled litter clumps can still be used as organic plant fertilizer
  • • Leaves you with a pleasant fresh scent, as highly absorbent pine fibres lock away ammonia odours in a snap

Whiskers2Tail Pet Wipes
With these pet wipes, you can keep your pet's fur smelling fresh and healthy! The wipes contain aloe vera, Vitamin E, olive oil, and jojoba seed oil, which have deodorising and antimicrobial properties. These all-natural ingredients work together to cleanse, freshen, and nourish the coat while providing a healthy shine. The pet wipes are even gentle enough to use on your pet's eyes, ears, and face. They are also hypoallergenic, so even pets with sensitive skin may enjoy them.

Suitable for daily use, these wipes are a must-have pet-care product which is suitable for both cats and dogs. They will level up your pet's hygiene by keeping disease-inducing bacteria and viruses at bay.

Key Benefits:
  • • Promotes healthy, clean fur coats, as it effectively eliminates dirt and allergens
  • • Enhances comfort as it keeps skin moist and refreshed, minimizing the discomfort that comes from dry skin
  • • Enriched with all-natural ingredients like aloe vera, Vitamin E, olive oil, and jojoba seed oil, which nourish the skin

WhiskinGood Wet Food

Whiskers2Tail's irresistible new range of whisker-licking goodness – WhiskinGood featuring the tempting choices of Jelly-licious and Gravy-licious wet food. WhiskinGood wet food recipes boast a thoughtfully curated selection of natural ingredients and essential vitamins. Every mouth-watering morsel is formulated to deliver the precise nutritional balance necessary to support healthy growth and development of cats of all breeds and ages. Trust WhiskinGood to provide the wholesome nourishment your cats deserve for a vibrant and thriving life!

Key Benefits:

  • • Improve Hydration: Essential for kidney and urinary tract health. This additional moisture helps increase the overall water intake of cats, contributing to better hydration.
  • • Promote Healthy Digestion: Quality soft-textured proteins that are easily digestible for cats, supports digestive health by aiding in digestion and are gentle on the gastrointestinal tract.
  • • Maintain A Healthy Weight: 10 low-carbohydrate and low-calorie recipes; aids in weight management by providing higher protein content, lower carbohydrate content, increased water intake and controlled portion sizes.

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