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Snappy - Best Cat Litter in Singapore

Award-Winning Brand: Singapore’s #1 Cat Litter

Say goodbye to mediocre cat litter. Instead, say hello to Singapore’s flagship cat litter brand: Snappy! This cat litter was specially developed to cater to the diverse needs of pet owners and their cats. The brand constantly strives to supply top-notch cat litter products, which are comfortable and easy to use for felines. When Snappy enhanced this cat litter with deodorising and antibacterial properties, it revolutionised all-natural toilet and clean-up experiences, making potty sessions and clean-ups a breeze. When in contact, this powerful litter instantly absorbs odours left behind by your feline companion and produces tight, easy-to-scoop clumps. That means you can avoid the noxious ammonia odour in your house, so clean-up will be much more enjoyable!
Snappy Series
Snappy Cat Sand Litter
This cat litter comes in a delightful variety of fragrances. The multiple scents available complement its excellent odour control and anti-bacterial properties, which minimise unwanted scents in your house. Moreover, This clump composition generates less dust than traditional sand litters.
  • • Creates hard clumps for easy scooping, so maintaining litter box’s cleanliness becomes simple

  • • Affordable litter choice that is ideal for multi-cat households
Snappy Tofu Cat Litter
Made from tofu and plant fibres, this cat litter is an extraordinary clumping litter with superior odour control. It has 2 X the absorbent capacity of conventional clay formulations. The litter is completely safe for cats— even on the odd occasion that it gets ingested.
  • • Creates tighter and smaller clumps for easy scooping, so maintaining litter box’s cleanliness becomes straightforward

  • • Litter has a super soft texture, maximising your cat's comfort
Snappy Bean Green Pea Cat Litter
Made from green peas, this cat litter formula is improved. Its rapid and good clumping ability leads to exceptional odour control.
  • • Creates faster and harder clumps as petite pellets (2mm in diameter) has an increased surface area that enables ultra-fast absorption, leading to easy clean-ups

  • • Easily-disposable as can be flushed into the toilet in small quantities, offering convenience
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Snappy's Story

Dreaming Big: Envisioning The Ideal Cat Litter For Your Feline

Going the extra mile to ideate better cat litter products

Imagination is the foundation of all invention and innovation. The founder of Snappy is a living testament of the truth to this statement, as he dreamt of how to create cat litter that is value-for-more 10 years ago.
With his fair share of daily cat-owner-related hiccups, Snappy’s founder who had grown up with cats all his life, was dissatisfied with the current feline products in the market. That’s why the search for affordable, high-quality cat products has always been at the top of his mind.
Not one to accept the status quo, he made the courageous decision of creating his very own brand to turn his vision into reality. After all, the wise man believes that we should not focus on what has been, but envision what could be. This is because it’s only by dreaming big and challenging the way things have always been, that we can spearhead breakthroughs.

Forging ahead to manufacture risk-free and eco-friendly litter

With that, Snappy's founder leveraged his keen understanding of feline needs, to create Snappy clay-based cat litter, Snappy Cat Sand, 10 years ago. Soon, he also quickly noticed the potential health concerns and environmental destruction associated with clay-based cat litters, even though these litters are the most commonplace. He thought that "eco-friendly cat litter will grow in popularity" and YES, it has! Once again, his commitment to product excellence propelled him to embrace change by creating Snappy Tofu and Snappy Bean to complement the conventional clay-based Snappy Sand. These two eco-friendly cat litter products are special because— unlike conventional clay cat litters— they are compostable, virtually dust-free, and made of more sustainable sources.

Gaining traction through innovation

Indeed, the brand’s penchant for innovation has led to noteworthy results. Snappy has since become the #1 household cat litter brand in Singapore and other regional markets. The brand even attained international recognition from the prestigious World Branding Awards 2021-2022 Animalis Edition.
Moving forward, Snappy aims to continue to stay true to its roots. That is, it intends to continue designing superior feline products, then dedicatedly pushing to translate new ideas into concrete products. The brand aspires to go beyond just cat litter, striving to expand its product line with more creative products that better the lives of all owners and their cats.
Choose Snappy, choose a brand that dares to go beyond the status quo, because mediocre is never enough for your favourite feline friend.


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