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Pets Own Cat & Kitten Milk  With Glucosamine 1Litre

Pets Own Cat & Kitten Milk With Glucosamine 1Litre

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Pets Own Cat & Kitten Milk with Glucosamine

Pets Own milk for Cats & Kitten is formulated to give a balance of energy and nutrition for active Cats and Kittens. The high linoleic acid content assists in the diet for promoting a healthy skin and shiny coat and is boosted with a range of amino acids including taurine for cats and methionine for dogs not found in canned or dry foods that contain only meat based proteins.

Pets Own milk for Cats & Kittens is loaded with calcium in its most natural and absorbable form. Calcium and Glucosamine is a mineral that all Dogs and Cats require in order to develop and maintain an adequate bone density, the correct calcium to phosphorus ratio must be maintained in the diet, which is why a natural source of calcium rather than calcium additives or supplements is most important.
Pets Own Milk is a natural source of calcium and phosphorus and has an ideal ratio..

Ingredients : Whole Milk, Vegetable Oil, Vitamins, Minerals, Taurine, Lactase Enzyme

Guaranteed Analysis : Crude Protein- 2.9% (min), Crude Fat- 5.8% (min), Crude Fibre- 0.1% (max), Moisture- 87.0% (max), Sodium Chloride- 0.06% (max)