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From Naturea’s kitchens to your furry friend’s bowl, Naturea is the result of a great passion for pets.
Motivated by a deep love for pets, Naturea aims to craft food that brings animal nutrition to new heights. It fervently believes that investing in nutrition will have remarkable effects on supercharging pet health. As a result, this multifold return in pet wellbeing will spread ripples of happiness all around—paving the way for a better world with more smiles, laughs, and joyful moments. That is the beautiful vision that kickstarted Naturea's pet nutritional quest in 2010.
To move towards this vision, the Portuguese pet food company has been working tirelessly to create food that perfectly matches pets’ nutritional needs (naturally appropriate food).
Prepared with a careful selection of the best European Ingredients
Naturea's food strengthens your pet's wellbeing in all phases of its life. The brand’s ingredients are sourced only from European vendors. Because Naturea products are manufactured in Europe, they are subject to the most stringent regulations which you can fully trust.
Maximising the use of natural, grain-free ingredients
The long-sighted company has remained steadfast in its pursuit of fresh pet food ingredients because the brand is convinced that this strategic move does wonders for animals’ health. It believes that consuming what nature’s bounty has to offer is great because natural ingredients are a treasure trove of wholesome nutrients. Indeed, the closer we are to nature, the better pets’ health will be.
Moreover, Naturea's products are grain-free. Contrary to other brands, Naturea chooses to go the extra mile to invest in grain-free pet food because it knows that the nutritional returns far outweigh the extra cost.
Containing human-grade, high-protein ingredients
Furthermore, all Naturea recipes only use human-grade ingredients from Europe, that are safe for human consumption. This is because your pet deserves the same high-quality nutrition just like you.
Naturea’s products also contain 75% meat (chicken, salmon, herring). This protein-rich formula will help your pet to build strong bones and muscles.
By feeding your pet Naturea’s nourishing yet delectable dishes, you are levelling up your furry friend’s physical health. Think nature, choose Naturea’s nutritious food which will supercharge your pet’s everyday life.
Why Naturea?
Human Grade Ingredients
All naturea recipes use ingredients that are safe for human consumption. Thus, every meal will be a great pleasure as well as a step toward a long healthy life.
Protein-rich as contains 75% meat ingredients
Pet cats and dogs are carnivores, which means they require a diet high in animal proteins to be healthy. In line with this nutritional requirement, Naturea’s nutrient-infused delicacies are produced primarily from fresh meat.
No grains or artificial flavours
Naturea recipes are devoid of potentially harmful grains such as corn, wheat, and soy, reducing your pet's risk for obesity and skin allergies. Furthermore, they exclude harmful ingredients like artificial flavours and colourants.


Perfectly matching your pet’s nutritional needs
Naturea Grain Free Chicken For Cats And Kittens
Naturea Grain Free Chicken For Cats And Kittens
The product has 75% chicken in a formula, of which 40% is freshly deboned and never frozen, 30% dehydrated, and 5% hydrolysed chicken liver. It also has other wholesome ingredients, for example, apple, dried whole egg, fish oil, seaweeds, cranberries, blueberries, tomato.
Key Benefits
  • • Excludes salt compounds and preservatives, to safeguard your feline’s physical health
  • • The right mix of calcium and phosphorous supports your cat's oral health
Naturea Grain Free Salmon For Cats And Kittens
Naturea Grain Free Salmon For Cats And Kittens
The product has 75% salmon, of which 40% is freshly deboned and never frozen, 30% dehydrated salmon and 5% hydrolysed. It is also made of the following healthful ingredients: dehydrated potato, seaweeds, apple, cranberries, blueberries, tomato.
Key Benefits
  • • Nutrient-rich formula infused with Omega 3 and 6, natural antioxidants (tocopherols), and vitamins A, E, and C, offers a multitude of nutrients to your cat
  • • The optimal calcium-phosphorus balance protects your cat’s teeth
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