North Paw’s deep-seated love for pets is their reason for existence
An absolute adoration for pets has been North Paw’s reason for being since the brand was founded. Furkids’ adorable faces and happy attitudes fill peoples’ lives with such joy. They remind people that play is just as important as work, if not more. That's why the North Paw Grain Free brand was created— because preparing nutritious food is the ultimate expression of love.
Only the finest, all-natural ingredients are used in North Paw’s products
Since the food that North Paw manufactures is love in a bag, they strive to create superior recipes for cats and dogs that are as nutritious as possible for them. As such, their products are proudly made in Canada from only the finest, all-natural ingredients which are sustainably sourced, namely, pure-filtered water, Atlantic herring, as well as nutritious fruits and vegetables. In order to offer protein-rich formulations that help pets thrive, the brand’s products are formulated with high meat inclusions. Thus, all North Paw’s products are high in protein and natural fibres, making them ideal for building strong muscles.
North Paw’s products are grain-free and slow-cooked in smaller quantities
And, importantly, all their food products are 100% grain-free, with no added corn, wheat, or soy. This is because removing grains from pets' diets often improves skin problems, allergies, digestive problems, and frequently impacted anal glands. North Paw's products are also slow-cooked in smaller quantities to guarantee that each kibble is packed with omega oils.
The ultimate nutritional package for your favourite furry friend
This nutrient-dense food formulation is the ultimate nutritional package that shall pave the way for a healthy, active life for your beloved companion. Their products contain a high proportion of high-quality protein, combined with fibre, prebiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. Because of that, your pet’s nutrition will be optimised, strengthening its immune system.
Put simply, each kibble is nutrient-infused because it is made with high-quality, thoroughly tested ingredients. North Paw creates pet food you can trust, from their kitchen to yours. They ensure a delicious and nutritious meal for your pet — every time. Because when your pet gets the most out of its food, the brand derives deep satisfaction from that.
Express your love for your favourite furry friend, choose North Paw.
Key Benefits
100% Grain-free
Non-GMO Ingredients
Protein-Rich Nutrition
Rich in Natural Fibres
Healthy Brain Development
Better Oral Health
Healthy Gut Flora
Strong Immune Systems

North Paw

Love In A Bag
North Paw Grain-Free All Life Stages
North Paw Grain-Free All Life Stages
The product is especially suitable for your little one. That is the case because it will supercharge your feline's bones, muscles, and brain development, helping it to develop properly from a kitten to a cat.

This nutrient-dense formula gives cats exceptional nourishment in smaller portions. It is rich in prebiotics, omega 3 fatty acids, protein, and fibre. The product is designed to boost the energy of cats of all ages—even kittens.
  • Key Benefits
  • • Nourishing formula that strengthens joints and helps your cat to maintain a full, healthy coat.
  • • Vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids have been added for skin nourishment.
North Paw Grain-Free Atlantic Seafood With Lobster
North Paw Grain-Free Atlantic Seafood With Lobster
The product is particularly apt for cats that are allergic to chicken.

With our tasty, healthy North Paw Grain Free Atlantic Seafood with Lobster formula, your cat will get a taste of the East Coast. This diet is packed with prebiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fibre to keep your kitty healthy and happy. It's ideal for cats of all ages since it's easily digestible, grain-free, and nutrient-dense.
  • Key Benefits
  • • Formulated exclusively for cats that cannot eat chicken.
  • • Made with sustainably sourced fish and lobster from the Atlantic.
North Paw Grain-Free Mature/Weight Health
North Paw Grain-Free Mature/Weight Health
The product is the optimal diet for mature and less active cats.

With our tasty and readily digested recipe, the North Paw Mature/ Weight formula ensures that your cat's nutritional demands are met. You can be confident that your cat's health is in excellent hands because it contains just the perfect quantity of protein and energy.
  • Key Benefits
  • • Cranberries and fruit acids were included to help with urinary care.
  • • Encourage optimum urinary ion concentration and pH.
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