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Petrebels - Best Cat Tree in Singapore

The Cat Tree Expert

The First Rebels

Be a rebel in the pursuit of your dreams. Dennis and Detlef, the proud founders of Petrebels, are a living testament to the truth of this statement.

These seasoned cat specialists were already active in the pet industry for many years until one day they decided to do it themselves. No more following trends; creating trends is the way forward. This is because innovation is the best way to make their dream of advancing global feline well-being come true.

Hence, these cat experts went the extra mile to make a scratching furniture collection that caters to the needs of stubborn felines with multiple personalities (e.g. lazy, scratching, outdoor & indoor rebels). As a result, these trailblazers have taken the world of cat trees by storm.


Groundbreaking Durability

Petrebels’up to 30% longer than standard scratching furniture. Made up of extra thick sisal rope, plush, and ultra-solid bottom plates (the plates are 2-5 times thicker than the norm), its cat trees are super stable. With Tommy the cat as the quality tester, Petrebels’ furniture is strong enough to outlast even the worst rebel in your cat(s).


Safety is King

Additionally, Petrebels’ cat trees are incredibly safe. They are always free of harmful materials (e.g. toxins). As such, your beloved kitty will be able to scratch, sleep and play healthily on these trees.


Championing Eco-Friendliness

Finally, by buying Petrebels’ scratching furniture, you are helping to make the world a greener place. Its cat trees are all made according to the latest environmental laws, supporting sustainable production.


Scratch the best

Meowmies, set up a feline wonderland by catifying your homes. Scratch the best, choose Petrebels!


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