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Finesse Pure Goodness Variety Set

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With essential vitamins and minerals to help your feline's overall health and well-being, this wet cat food variety pack makes it easy to meet your feline's nutritional needs. When you open a can, the unmistakable fragrance will undoubtedly grab their attention, and the mouth-watering taste is sure to make them dash to their dishes.

Give them a new taste of canned cat food at every meal to keep them excited about eating, and rest assured knowing that they will be getting a 100% full and nutritious meal at every serving. 


Key Benefits:

  • Grain-Free
  • Suitable For All Life Stages
  • Taurine Added
  • Low In Crude Fat
  • Maintains A Healthy Weight 
  • Encourage Higher Water Intake
  • Easy To Digest For Cats With Sensitive Stomach 

Here are a few mouth-watering, complete and nutritious flavours of Finesse Grain-Free Wet Food that you can choose from to let your feline enjoy a delicious full meal every day:


Jelly Series:

Finesse Grain-Free Tuna with Salmon in Jelly 

Finesse Grain-Free Tuna with Chicken in Jelly 

Finesse Grain-Free Tuna with Anchovies in Jelly 

Finesse Grain-Free Tuna with Pumpkin in Jelly 

Finesse Grain-Free Tuna Classic in Jelly 


Gravy Series:

Finesse Grain-Free Chicken with Salmon in Gravy

Finesse Grain-Free Chicken with Tuna in Gravy

Finesse Grain-Free Chicken with Pumpkin in Gravy 

Finesse Grain-Free Chicken Classic in Gravy 

Finesse Grain-Free Chicken with Anchovies in Gravy 

Note: Each Finesse Pure Goodness Variety Set includes all of the 10 flavours mentioned above.


About Finesse

About Finesse

Ideal for all cat breeds, Finesse Grain-free wet food is formulated by feline experts with carefully selected natural ingredients and vitamins to provide our cats, of all ages in every stage of life with the nutritional values required for healthy growth.

The best cat food is the food that your cats are willing to eat. Finesse has a good range of cat food from dry to wet, jelly to gravy, to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Choose between 2 of the most common food bases, chicken and tuna, made into jelly and gravy. If your cat can speak, it would say “this is the best cat food!”

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