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Offering pets a great lifestyle

Animal welfare is king. This firm belief has been ZOLUX’s north star from the very beginning of their quest to optimise pets’ wellbeing. Since their birth in 1971, ZOLUX’s passion for pet wellbeing has been a powerful engine that has been driving them to do everything to enhance pets’ quality of life.
Their passion for animals coupled with their innovative spirit has made ZOLUX a key player in the pet industry today, as the company continues to operate with enthusiasm and dynamism. Now, the brand is a multi-specialist designer of all cat and dog lifestyle products such as pet carriers, food and water dispensers, harnesses. ZOLUX is committed to supplying all pet families in the world with enduring accessories and consumables which perfectly match pets' needs.
Choose ZOLUX, choose the best lifestyle for your favourite furkid!
Featured Product Types
Zolux Arrow Nylon Reg Harnesses
Zolux Arrow Nylon Reg Harnesses
The Zolux nylon harness has plastic buckles that help you to attach the harness to your cat. As the harness is adjustable, this will provide maximum comfort for your cat.The harness can be attached to a standard cat collar or leash.
  • • Stylish design that is aesthetically pleasing
  • • Durable, as made up of nylon
  • • Adjustable in two areas (around the neck and the chest)
  • • Easy and quick deployment/removal
With the Zolux harness, your cat can explore the great outdoors safely!

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Zolux Cathy Filter Cat Litter Boxes
Zolux Cathy Filter Cat Litter Boxes
The Zolux Cathy Filter Hooded Litter Box is the solution to your reserved feline friend’s excretion needs.

It is spacious enough for your pet to feel at ease. Moreover, it has handy features like a flap door that makes it easy for your cat to enter and exit the box. In sum, the box is thoughtfully designed to provide maximum comfort for your cat.

This spacious cat litter box has the dimensions of L56cm x W40cm x H40cm to offer your feline friend great comfort.

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Zolux Gulliver Pet Carriers
Zolux Gulliver Pet Carriers
Want to bring your pets out with style and unparalleled ease? The Zolux Gulliver Pet Carrier is a versatile carrier for small-sized pets. It comes with slits on its sides to ensure proper ventilation throughout your outing. With its ergonomic handle, strong grated door and built-in seat belt slots, your fur friend is all ready to set out on an epic adventure together with you!
  • • Easy to assemble
  • • Ergonomic design
  • • Good ventilation system to make sure that your pet is comfortable inside
  • • Built-in seat belt slots so that you can secure the carrier to your car seat easily
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Zolux Non-Slip Pet Food & Water Dispensers
Zolux Non-Slip Pet Food & Water Dispensers
The Zolux Non-Slip Pet Food and Water Dispenser with a plastic pet bowl provides a steady stream of food or water to your pet. You simply need to load the dispenser with food or water to the loading line.
  • • Has an automated gravity feeding system, so you will no longer need to fuss over your pet's meal schedule every day.
  • • Thanks to its transparent exterior, you will be able to see the measurement scale, as well as the volume of food and water left.
  • • Comes with anti-slip tabs that guarantee greater stability to the product when your pet is using it.
  • • Safe material that does not contain BPA.
With this product, preparing for your pet’s meal times will become a breeze!

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Zolux Cat Kali Plush Toys With Catnip
Zolux Cat Kali Plush Toys With Catnip
Soft and robust, this game toy will perfectly meet the play needs of both small and large cats. An ideal plush toy that will help your cat let off steam, the toy with catnip herb (100% natural) guarantees great distraction via a euphoric effect with anti-stress action (without any risk or side effects). Hence, this adorable toy will relax and entertain your cat for a long time, making it much happier.
  • • Silent design such that your cat can play with the toy for hours without disturbing your household.
  • • Soft, flexible, perfect for tugging.
  • • Durable value-for-money product that will reduce your expenses because of its high resistance to scratches and nipping.
  • • Provides mental and physical stimulation / enrichment for your cat, reducing its risk of acquiring behavioural disorders due to boredom.
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