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UniCharm Litter Refill Pine Wood 4L

  • Brand: Unicharm
  • Product Code: UCPC4427
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Unicharm Pine Wood Litter is to be used together with UniCharm Cat Litter System.

  •  Made with natural coniferous tree chips & antibacterial ingredients to trap in strong cat urine odor fast
  • A bag can effectively last up to a month in a single-cat household (if your cat weighs 8kg or less)
  • No dust to safeguard your feline’s respiratory health
  • Non-tracking to reduce the time you spend on clean-ups

Product Material used: Wood products, water repellent, antibacterial agents


About Unicharm

About Unicharm

Unicharm - a Japanese company that manufactures cat litter, pet diapers and cat litter boxes, making it easier to hygienically care for cats indoors. All Unicharm products are designed to realize a vision for a cohesive society where pets and people live in harmony. Best-selling items from UniCharm will be its Zeolite cat litter which has the amazing ability to eliminate nasty odour from cat urine, as well as their ingenious two-tier cat litter bin system.

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