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Unicharm Litter Beads Deodorising Natural 450ml

Unicharm Litter Beads Deodorising Natural 450ml

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Unicharm Deodorising Beads is a cat litter additive that keeps your home smelling fresh and free from cat litter stench by reducing the funky smell.

It is compatible with all types of cat litter with the exception of septic-safe litter.

Directions :

  1. 1 times of usage is about half of the (about 45 mℓ) is a guideline. Results depends on the type of sand, toilet size, the room size , breeding population of cats, season, odour area etc. Sustainability is different, adjust the amount of beads your choice for better result,
  2. one capacity 450 mℓ, about 10 times (about 1 to 1.5 months) standard depends on the kind of sand, size of toilet, room size, breeding population of the cat, seasons, may differ.
  3. Most cat can adapt without problems when excreting. First try from a small amount of the beads if you are concerned. However as precaution,if the smell does not fit the cat and customers, please discontinue use.
  4. If used on paper litter, can be burnable garbage. *If disposable method requires Environment Authority approval please follow the rules of the residential areas.
  5. Product does not dissolve in water, please do not throw the toilet.


About Unicharm

About Unicharm

Unicharm - a Japanese company that manufactures cat litter, pet diapers and cat litter boxes, making it easier to hygienically care for cats indoors. All Unicharm products are designed to realize a vision for a cohesive society where pets and people live in harmony. Best-selling items from UniCharm will be its Zeolite cat litter which has the amazing ability to eliminate nasty odour from cat urine, as well as their ingenious two-tier cat litter bin system.

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