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Cat Food in Singapore

Our felines make the most wonderful companions with their subtle kitty affections. Thus, we want to make sure that they are fed nutritious cat food to optimise their health and wellbeing to return that love.  

A wholesome and delicious meal is crucial for your furkid’s happiness. Thus, here at CatSmart, we provide the widest variety of healthy cat food ranging from dry/wet food to air-fried food and enticing treats from top brands such as Finesse, Naturea, Brit Care ,and Akane, that your feline friend will adore!

Finesse is the number 1 CatSmart food brand. The brand has been working closely with feline nutritional experts to craft products that best meet cats’ specific dietary needs. Finesse’s wholesome food is made with the finest natural ingredients and vitamins to give your cat the key nutrients needed for optimal nutrition.

One product that we highly recommend is Finesse Plus Wet Food. It is low in crude fat and high in easily- digestible proteins. Moreover, refreshing spring water, Vitamin E, and taurine are added. These constituents reduce your cat’s chance of developing urinary system disorders (e.g. chronic kidney disease).

Cats’ bodies are designed to get the hydration that they need from the food that felines consume. Wet food is especially necessary if your kitty is often dehydrated.

If you are feeding your cat dry food, add a ¼ cup of filtered water onto the kibble to moisten and enrich the flavour of the food. But make sure that your kitty consumes the food soon because moistened kibble will go bad faster.

The number of times that your cat should eat depends on its age. Kittens need to eat up to 3 times per day, but once they reach adulthood (1 year old), they just need to be fed at least 2 times each day.

Yes, most cats are notoriously fussy eaters and many of them get bored with eating the same type of food every day. To overcome this, you can rotate their food options, feeding them wet, dry, and sometimes a mixture of both wet and dry food in a single meal.