Cat's Best Oko Plus Cat Litter 40L

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Europe's N°1 in plant-based cat litter - with active-woodfibres



With odour-absorbing fibre technology, clumping, biodegradable, low-dust and long lasting, CAT'S BEST is composed of technologically refined active-woodfibres that absorb and trap moisture and odours - all naturally. Perfect for delivate noses odours are absorbed permanently so the litter can remain in the litter box for up to 7 weeks before a complete replacement is due. In other words, less work and less cost for you and less struggle too: because CAT'S BEST is so lightweight, transporting the itter and litter box cleanup area breeze. A neat solution.


NATURE'S KINDNESS IN YOUR HOME. CAT'S BEST is made from renewable and biodegradable natural substances* that aren't only gentle to Mother Nature but also feel wonderfully woodsy under your cat's tender paws.


*Product colour may vary slightly