Tom Cat Pakeway Dual-purpose Shadow Comb Turquoise

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The ultimate grooming tool and dainty assistant for your cat’s majestic mane. This 2-in-1 multi function comb detangles, desheds and comb your kitty’s fur.

It promotes a smooth and healthy coat by removing loose fur with it’s stainless steel comb bristles and massages your kitty at the same time.

Opens up two way with two combs, the fine comb is for daily grooming maintenance and the other round comb is for deshedding purposes.

Frequent deshedding can help to keep your cat’s fur manageable and reduce shedding around the house.

With an easy and comfortable grip, it’s the only handy grooming comb you will every need.

Dimension: H 135 x W 36.4 mm x L 24 mm


About Tom Cat

About Tom Cat

Tom Cat has always been known for producing well-designed goods with cats and their owners in mind. Continuous innovation and development have resulted in highly rated products for pet essentials such as functional cat litter boxes, pet fountains, pet grooming tools and more.

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