SOLD OUT Pawise Cat Post Lawrencer

Pawise Cat Post Lawrencer

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The Pawise Lawrence is the purr-fect dream home for any cat. With multiple scratching poles that no feline can resist sinking their claws into, and a curved scratcher at the base that adds a touch of uniqueness (and variant to their usual scratching habits), this cat furniture is basically everything you can think of - but better. 

The cat tree features one spacious hiding den in the middle level, as well as two cosy beds on the top for kitties that enjoy lounging around and watching their favorite humans. As for interactive play, the entire assembly is made complete with a suspending tunnel in the middle that promotes fun and exercise.

Robust and easy to assemble, this will make a su-purrrrrr addition to any cat’s indoor playground.


Dimensions: L54 x W54 x H127 cm