SOLD OUT SmartPet Food & Water Dispenser Grey

SmartPet Food & Water Dispenser Grey

  • Brand: Catsmart
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The SmartPet Food & Water Dispenser is perfect for busy pawrents that can’t constantly monitor if your pets have access to a steady supply of fresh, drinking water. The 2-in-1 ergonomic design consists of a stainless steel dish and funky water dispenser that automatically top-ups the drinking bowl each time your little ones drink from it. Available in three colors.

  • Removable partition prevents dust and foreign objects from contaminating the drinking water
  • Water dispenser provides automatic refills
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Comes with stainless steel bowls 

Product Dimension: L 28.5cm x W 20.5cm x H 21cm 
Water Bottle Height: 16cm
Drinking Capacity: 500ml

Water Bowl Dimension: 14cm X 14cm