PetKit EverSweet GEN 2S Smart Drinking Fountain White 2L

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PetKit EverSweet GEN 2S Smart Drinking Fountain is your kitty’s holy grail pet fountain.

Besides being a green product, the smart drinking fountain comes with Hi-tech dual mode setting and water-shortage alert function.

It also utilises a 4-stage purifying process to ensure the cleanest water for your kitty’s consumption and can hold up to 2L of water!

  • Transparent inner container for easy refilling of water to the red level
  • Engineered to be extremely quiet
  • Made from environmentally-friendly material
  • Water-shortage alerts
  • Automatically switches-off if water goes beneath an in-built level
  • The level threshold to ensure the condition of the pump is maintained
  • Water softening system
  • Filter included

Dimensions: L18 x W18 x 15.5cm, contains up to 2L of water.


About PetKit

About PetKit

PETKIT is a high-tech company dedicated to creating all sorts of high-end smart innovative products for dogs and cats and to bring convenience to pet owners. PetKit specializes in connected products such as Wifi-enabled Smart Cat and Dog Feeders, Backpack Pet Carrier Smart Cat Fountains for cats and more. Their goals have remained unchanged from day one - which is to simplify pet ownership around the world and to help encourage a healthier lifestyle for your pets that may help improve longevity as a result.

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