LeChat Premium Tuna with Salmon 80g

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LeChat Premium canned cat food consists of delicious chunks of tuna meat and toppings like Chicken, Kanikama (crabmeat), Salmon and Shirasu (whitebait) in jelly. 

The premium ingredients are steam-cooked giving a soft texture and enticing aroma. LeChat canned cat food is gluten-free and made without preservatives and colouring. 

Naturally rich in Omega 3, EPA & DHA, LeChat Premium wet cat food is a complementary cat food that should be fed together with complete & balanced cat food. 


Tuna, Salmon, Gelling agent, Vitamin E

Nutritional Analysis:

Moisture - 82.0%, Crude Protein - 12.0%, Crude Fat - 0.5%, Crude Fibre - 1.0%, Crude Ash - 2.0%, Ca - 0.06%, P - 0.5%